Lancia Fulvia Coupé to be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Aug 30, 2003 – Drawings of the concept car that Lancia will show at Frankfurt have circulated since the Geneva show. It is obvious that Lancia too wants to look back at it’s glorious past. And the original Fulvia Coupé, designed by a fairly unknown, but really great designer named Piero Castagnero is one of the greatest in-house Lancia designs ever.
From the photos it seems that Flavio Manzoni and his people have captured the spirit and turned it into a very successful modern interpretation. They have even managed too keep traces of the original’s eccentricity. The concept car have more or less the same dimensions as the original and even the weight of the driveable modern version is within 10 kilos of the original. Even if the new one is equipped with a current 1.8 litre engine, electronics have been kept to a minimum with a view to the original purity.
The interior have also been completely redesigned, but with the 1965-model in mind, and the whole show car is so complete that it gives the impression of coming straight from the factory. There will certainly be a line of potential customers who will demand to see this car in production

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