Lancia Fulvia remake

 Further computer generated images of the forthcoming sporty Lancia concept car have emerged.
 Quickly being compared to the 1970's Lancia Fulvia, it will be unveiled at March's Geneva Motor Show, and will draw heavily on the legendary 2+2 sports coupe for inspiration.

   Designed by Centro Style under the guidance of Flavio Mazoni, this modern interpretation will clearly show Fulvia traits in its overall design. The concept is based around the floorpan and mechanicals of the Fiat Barchetta coupe. Italian design house Zagato have had imput into the project and the influence of their early 1990's Lancia Integrale based Hyena project can be seen. Meanwhile the front headlights will draw from the recently unveiled Thesis-based 'Grandturismo' concept.
Lancia will use the Geneva Show to guage public reaction to the concept and if favourable, plans are at an advanced planning stage for Zagato to put the car into production.


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