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User comments on the Lancia Fulvia Coupe Concept.
 This is a car that should be built.

11/04/2003 - I used to have an original Fulvia and this concept is right on the money. The most important thing is that they keep the projected weight to that target of 900Kg rather than fill it up with worthless performance killing options. The power figure of 140 brake sounds like enough to be fun rather than out and out fast but an HF model would be great. Surely this is a car that could take Lancia back onto the world market again, still even if it only comes as a left hooker I will have to get one! 
 Finally a Lancia Coupè!

10/10/2003 - After 20 years finally a Lancia Coupè! Fiat in al these years was thinking in alafaRomeo but the legend of Lancia in Coupè and sport was great and original Lancia Fulvia coupè of the 1965 was the icon of rally races and of compact elegants coupè, with techincal over the all, with his famous V4 engine, the HF version was a neast and the first world champion rally of the history of the 1972. Now finally this new coupè, i was lucky to see this live and is better than in photos, Lancia Centro Stile makes an incredible work because isn't a simply replay of a old car but a unique mix of old style, new lines, elegance and sport in one, see live is more curved and compact than in this images, You only dream to turn on the engine and drive, We must convice Fiat to put in production this jewel correctly, with decent power and possibly a open version like Mercedes Slk. 
 Style, pace, charm, flair...

10/08/2003 - This car not only looks great, but if it can capture the excitement of the original then it should sell like mad. Pity Lancia don't export to the UK. And I shouldn't worry about it being 'a bit cramped', unless you're a bit on the fat side or freakishly tall - those of us with normal proportions should fit in just fine.
  The Fulvia Returns !

10/01/2003 - If ever there was a car crying to be in production this is it!!! Build it and they will come in droves. And Bring it to the USA. Thanks  
 Sleek and sporty

09/27/2003 - I was delighted to see such a masterpiece of car design at the Frankfurt motorshow. The show was filled with gigantic, aggressive, and intimidating tankers which need tons of fuel just becuase of their weight. The Fulvia is so sleek, so sporty, so light, than it requires just a small well sorted engine to generate pure fun. I own a Barchetta, which has the same engine, and I know what I'm saying. The pure silhouette and stylish design made me forgive Lancia for the last twenty years or so of doom and gloom. I hope it will hit road some time in the near future. It won't be suitable for all those above the 200 pounds mark. They should better go for a bulky SUV to make sure the car is balanced when they sit on their fat massaging thick leather covered throne. For all the other skinny drivers which looks for fun and style and don't really like the uninspired design of later models (see BMW Z4) this will be their ultimate choice. I'll be browsing the Lancia showroom soon...... 
 Better a roadster than a coupe.

09/05/2003 - Nice taut shape. Would have been way better if Lancia made a roadster out of it. As a coupe though, its not the most pretty. It looks cramped for its overall size. so how can that be good in terms of packaging? Well then again, Lamboghinis and Ferraris aren't practical either. But they are desirable. They LOOK the apart. So are forgiven. But this car doesn't look pretty enough to lure potential buyers by their heart strings. And when they start to use their heads instead and realise that its a Lancia ,and a cramped one at that, , then this car is surely gonna fall on hard times. The boot looks big though. But we can forget about the rear seat passengers. Or maybe every body else in it as well. Even the driver. The cabin proportions are ridiculous 'less its like 6 metres long. But of course it isn't, so that spells 'awfully cramped'. The unusually long rear is better utilised if it was made to store a foldable top. In other words, it also looks like a mini pickup truck. Or a squarish Fiat Barchetta, meaning a boat on wheels. So how can this coupe sell ? Unless its dirt cheap of course. 


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