Lancia Fulvia concept. The classic Lancia Fulvia coupe

Lancia Fulvia concept.
The classic Lancia Fulvia coupe by Castagnero has been 'redefined' by the Lancia Style Centre in this new concept car. Proportionally and dimensionally the new design is very close to its predecessor, except for being a bit wider. It also has more weighty surfacing than the lithe original and a more modern Lancia face.
With Ford successfully delivering its ‘Living Legend’ products and BMW’s revitalised Mini brand proving a big success, it seems logical that Lancia should draw upon a back catalogue of classic designs far richer than Ford’s or BMW’s. The Fulvia does so in a more literal way than other recent Lancias, but maybe this quality could help this concept car become the icon production car that the brand so badly needs.

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