Fulvia Concept : a welcome surprise.

Posted by: Justin on Thursday, August 28, 2003 - 11:31 AM PST  
Lancia, have strangely decided to revive the Fulvia name for a new sports car concept which will make its debut at this year's IAA. Why do we say strangely? Since the mid '90s with the with withdrawal of the marque from most of Europe, Lancia have more or less produced rebadged Fiat and Alfa Romeo products. This is a bit of a contrast with the Fulvia name, proving itself as a sporty, but more importantly, an innovative car in engine, chassis and design. Expectations for this car are high as there's plenty or rallying heritage to back up.

Fulvia concept a welcome surprise.

First off, the new Fulvia has nothing in common with the old car, in terms of style or added nostalgia. In the drawings and sketches you see here, the car retains a 3-box two-door sedan profile but like all modern cars, it's wider, lower and larger than previous renditions. Where the old car was more or less boxy, the new Fulvia is designed with style and a familiar Lancia look in mind. The chiseled front end sticks out much like the hull of a boat, while the rest of the car takes on an angular shape. Perhaps the only references to the original are in the shape and pattern of the tail lights which are somewhat similar to the original.
Though exterior is unrelated, interior is very traditional '60s-'70s Lancia.

Unlike the exterior, the interior décor has been chosen to echo that of the late '60s and early '70s. Set as a two-seater the preliminary design sketches suggest the car is minimalist in look, but high on spec. Featuring climate control, a full hi-fi Bose stereo and possibly a navigation system, it's all disguised by plenty of wood and leather. Supportive sport seats are similar in style to those in the original, and the wood rimmed, three-spoke metal steering wheel is also directly inspired by the first Fulvias. Uh, except for the airbag.
Extremely lightweight, this car should be a blast on the backroads.

While the design and interior are important, these simply are additives to the original cause - excellent performance. Under the hood of the small sedan is a 1.8 liter 16 valve inline-four engine that creates 140 horsepower. Unfortunately, there are no V4 engines planned. While 140 horses is low by today's standards, it's all the car will ever need, considering weight has been kept down to a projected 1000 kilograms. Thanks to an aluminum frame and panels, plus the low mass, it is expected that the concept reaches 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds, going on to 215 km/h, but rewarding the driver with excellent cornering and stellar mileage. If Lancia decide to give the project the green light for production, chances are the car will be limited to two runs of 1000 cars.

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