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Kyle Fortune.
Concept Cars from the 2003 Frankfurt Motorshow. 
Lancia Fulvia Coupe.

The Lancia badge might be distant memory to many UK readers, but the marque remains on sale in Europe. The current range might only sell in tiny numbers, but if Lancia are confident enough and can justify the cost to put this Fulvia concept into production the Italian firm could have a sales winner on its hands. Shameless in its plundering of Lancia's Lancia Fulvia Coupe
history the Fulvia concept is a modern interpretation of its 1960's car - if Ford can do it with the Thunderbird and GT40 then why shouldn't the Italian firm? Similar in size and weight to the original, the concept Fulvia is fitted with a 1.8-litre engine, ensuring that performance will match the stunning looks. The interior continues the retro theme, and looks production ready too. Could this be the car to save Lancia? And re-introduce the marque into the UK? We hope so. Given how successful cars like Audi's TT, BMW's Z4 and the Mercedes SLK are there must be a market for this delightful Italian coupe.

Verdict - We want one. 10/10

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