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Lancia Fulvia.
"If you want a beautifully-engineered classic car that is entirely practical for everyday use, fast enough to keep up with the modern traffic, economical to run, and not so complicated that maintenance becomes a nightmare, think about a Fulvia. It is probably the most affordable piece of high-quality machinery that will meet all these requirements." 

 During the last years of the fifties the ownership of Lancia S.p.A. passed form Lancia family to Eng. Pesenti. The new ownership adopted a more commercial strategy and after the good results of Appia and Flavia decided to produce a new car of little cubic capacity.
The engineering was directed by Prof. Eng. Antonio Fessia ( see picture ) and the new model had to be submitted to his particular philosophy: front wheel drive and a compact narrow V four cylinders engine.

From the first 1.1 liters 58 HP Berlina the model was evolved with two other different bodies and got more powerful engines up to 132 HP.
In the end of the sixties FIAT acquired Lancia and in the middle of the seventies the production of Fulvia and other Lancia's original models was substituted by FIAT design ones.

The Fulvia was one of the most important models in Lancia's history because of its thecnical innovations and racing results, especially for the International Rally Championship won in 1972 by Munari/Mannucci with Fanalone. The Fulvia Coupè Rallye 1.6 HF was the forerunner of Strato's HF.

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