Le site pour la souscription Online.

Voilà, un site existe à présent pour la souscription en ligne...
Voici le Link : http://flashbuilder.net/users/ducky4you/
Déjà deux personnes ont répondu favorablement...

I am a viva-lancia member, and one of the founders of  the Club Lancista Spagnolo.
I would like to enjoy to the database for buy a Fulvia. But where is the limit of the price? Ok, I would puy more than the quantity that we speculate months ago (30000-32000 ?), but I have a limit: 40000? more or less. I would pay this amount, but it must be sure that only 2500 cars would be made. However, it's difficult (or even impossible) to convince Fiat.
I wait for your response

Hi I'm Massimiliano Iacconi from Maranello - Italy

I'm very interested to buy a New Fulvia, but some genius in Fiat decided to not produce this car.
But now the president Montezemolo could change this decision.

I want a Fulvia.

I prefer it red and black like the Fulvia HF in Montecarlo 1972.
Massimiliano Iacconi
Maranello - Italy

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