Nouvelle lettre au Président Montezemolo?

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Un cri du coeur, venu d'outre-manche et qui montre bien si besoin était l'intérêt que suscite Lancia à travers toute l'Europe. Je ne sais pas encore si cette lettre sera envoyée au président Montezemolo.
Letter to the Montezemolo president.
Author:    Brian Hilton Silsoe England       
Date:    06-15-04 00:55
Dear Sir,
We Lancisti in the UK were let down 10 years ago by Lancia withdrawing all right hand drive cars.

None the less, this hasn't stopped us driving our Lancia's or some of us buying new LHD Lancias in Europe because we cannot buy them here.
I bought a new Ypsilon Elefantino Rosso from Van Dijk a Lancia Dealer in Rotterdam, two other friends also bought new cars from them, & I know many others who ahve done the same.
We thought with the new Fulvia, at last, someone was listening to us, only to have our hopes, once again dashed. I don't wish to be rude, but is there no one in Fiat/Lancia who has any vision of what could be if the same sort of effort that has been put into restoring Alfa Romeo Fortunes was applied to Lancia instead of treating Lancia the way they do?
I also own a 1993 Thema and a 1966 Fulvia 2c, but please give us a chance to by the new Fulvia!

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