The new Fulvia IV...

Le créateur du site Vivalancia a instauré un nouveau topic spécialement pour la nouvelle Fulvia. A titre d'introduction, il y publie un texte très intéressant...

The new Fulvia 4

Author:    Huib Geurink        
Date:    07-15-04 22:53
Looks like the new Fulvia might to hit the road after all!
I don't think it is too bad if it is going to be on the rather old barchetta platform. The original Fulvia was technically not very innovative either. It was derived from the Flavia which in turn was based on the Cemsa, a design by Prof. Fessia made in the late forties. By applying existing technology in the right way the Lancia engineers put together a package which was very successful. Lancia had a reputation of being a company were the engineers were the bosses. Still, the Fulvia coupe was a commercial success as it had exactly the right balance between looks and performance. It did what it promised. And it was a safe car too.
Personally I hope Lancia is going for a Gran Turismo car. Not an overpowered nervous sprinter but a quietly muscled car that does as well in town, on long distance motorway driving and above all on long distance country road driving. A top speed not exceeding 189 km/h is excellent. T rated tires are quite a bit more comfortable (and cheaper) than the higher speed tires.
Nowadays I hardly ever take the fastest road but either the shortest or the most scenic. The fastest roads are congested with cattle. Have a look at the Gotthard tunnel. All the cattle goes through the tunnel (and often stand hours in line to do so) while the road over one of the most beautiful passes in the world is almost empty. The French motorways are expensive, boring (like in most other countries) and the food in the roadside restaurants is lousy.
Main tunnels and bridges are possible targets for terrorist attacks. Motorways have become the hunting grounds for criminals.
Fortunately Annabelle likes to navigate We take the small and very small roads. In France we average 70 to 80 km per hour with our 1967 Fulvia coupe without exceeding the legal speed limit too much. When travelling south from Breda, the Netherlands, we go straight through the Champagne and Bourgogne while the motorways makes detours via Luxembourg or Paris. We eat well. It is a lot of fun and just the right amount of work to prevent me from falling asleep (which I invariably do on motorways). All together we don’t arrive much later than someone who races down the motorway. I must confess Annabelle does still occasionally mix up left and right when navigating. Excellent! It gives me the opportunity to kiss her when I stop to turn the car. You think she does it on purpose?
Let’s hope that the new Fulvia will be fitted with an excellent nav system such as Tomtom with possibility to plan a detailed route on the PC at home, which is then transferred to the on board nav system.
Having run www.viva-lancia.com for 8 years it is clear to me that the internet has changed the world when it comes to keeping one’s Fulvia on the road. By striking a few keys one can search the entire world for parts, information and help with the speed of light. Quite a few people tell me, that they would not have been able to keep their Fulvia’s running without this site. Until 1996 I used to drive the latest model Lancia and had it serviced at the dealer. Frequently the Gamma, Beta or Thema was out of service for a fortnight because parts had to come from Italy. Since I do the maintenance myself on my own Fulvia’s, which are used daily, I have the parts within 48 hours, usually within 24.
This might lead to the conclusion that viva-lancia.com is only useful for keeping old Lancia’s on the road and cannot contribute to the sales of new Lancia’s. On the contrary. It is time for innovation in the marketing end of the business.
People who work on their own car(s) and people who have their cars serviced at the dealer form two different markets with hardly any overlap. Through this website first class support should be set up for do-it-yourself owners of the new Fulvia in parallel to the traditional marketing channels. Parts catalogues and workshop manuals on DVD. Internet ordering of and paying for parts directly from Torino. Tools. DIY packages. Multilingual forums. The lot. It would make the new Fulvia an immense success very quickly.
And of course there should be an HPE, spider and possibly a Zagato Sport version.
Huib, Breda, Netherlands
Re: The new Fulvia 4

Author:    Justin Hildreth        
Date:    07-16-04 22:23
I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate your words concerning the 'likelyhood' of the S4 Fulvia.
I agree with you that the Internet is, and will become more and more a necessary part of DIY motoring. There are plenty of us who are trying hard to keep our early Fulvias going, and perhaps with your, and Viva-Lancia's help, the factory might just acknowledge the support there is around the world for the Lancia marque.

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